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I want you to want me

I need you to need me

Didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you cryin'?
5 October
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I'm Jasper.

You'll probably know me better than I do after about 3 conversations with me.

I have a terribly abstract sense of humor and personality so I'm like a hyperactive bird 78% of the time.

But I can be tame and normal if you tell me to shut up.

But I hate it when people spoil a good moment.

1st person shooters, adrien brody, al green, almost famous, andres segovia, andy warhol, aretha franklin, badfinger, band of brothers, barnes and noble, barry levinson, basement jaxx, beavis & butthead, beck, big star, billie holiday, borders, brian wilson, buffalo springfield, burt bacharach, buzzcocks, carole king, cheap trick, christmas, cole porter, crosby stills and nash, david bowie, day of defeat, dentyne ice, devo, diana krall, dinosaur jr., django reinhardt, dr. dre, duh the beatles, duke ellington, dusty springfield, early james brown, ella fitzgerald, elliott smith, elvis costello, fairport convention, flower power, frank sinatra, gang of four, girl interrupted, good memories, gram parsons, guy ritchie movies, hannibal lecter movies, ice cube, iggy pop, jane fonda, jay-z, jesus and mary chain, jimi hendrix, joe jackson, john lydon, jonathan richman/modern lovers, joni mitchell, joy division, king of queens, led zeppelin, leonard cohen, louis prima, macy's, marisa tomei, married with children, mary-louise parker, massive attack, meat puppets, mel gibson, melissa george, mmm amelie, mr. bob dylan, naomi watts, nat king cole, neil young, nick drake, nick lowe, norah jones, old town pasadena, otis redding, panda bears, patti smith, penguins, phil spector, pink floyd, pixies, queen, quentin tarantino, radiohead, rc colas & moonpie, red hot chili peppers, richard hell, richard pryor, roman polanski, roxy music, salvador dali, scarlett johansson, seinfeld, sex and the city, sex symbols, simon and garfunkel, sonic youth, stanley kubrick, starbucks, steven spielberg, stevie wonder, sweet people, t. rex, talking heads, television, the b-52's, the band, the beach boys, the beastie boys, the byrds, the cars, the clash, the commitments, the cure, the doors, the drew carey show, the feelies, the four freshmen, the four tops, the jam, the kinks, the knack, the lovin' spoonful, the police, the pretenders, the raspberries, the rolling stones, the ronettes, the simpsons, the stooges, the supremes, the velvet underground, the violent femmes, the white stripes, the who, the zombies, todd rundgren, tony bennett, u2, winter, wire, wladyslaw szpilman